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Hey dear, In 2016 I was in the tenth year working for a multinational oil servicing company called SAIPEM.

In 2010 I’d designed my exit strategy and plans were underway to resign to fully focus on building my brand and business. I’d already commenced working with clients who were paying me. Nigeria’s leading female compere, Joyce Daniels, was my first client. She had hired me to create content for her personal brand.  Through her I’d gone ahead to get 3 more clients and then the fifth. All 5 were paying me N40,000 each to create content for them for 30 days in a month.

In May of that year, 2 months after I’d resigned from SAIPEM, I had an epiphany – I could show other writers how to create content for personal brands and get paid. Drawing from my experiences, I knew they needed to know what I knew to be able to make money. That online course was called INK IT! I had 8 people who had signed up for it. They’d paid N20,000 each to participate in it.

Ever since then I’ve held as many online courses with a focus on marketing, branding, leadership, content creation, writing, social media, and lots more.Ban


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